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“Together we have the opportunity to bring real technological freedom to every part of the world, across multiple devices and the cloud, and clothed in an elegant, beautiful, experience. It is a bold vision, but our greatest strength in Ubuntu is our community and together we can do this. Come and join us and be a part of bringing Ubuntu to the masses.”

Jono Bacon


  1. For more contribute in Myanmar for Local .
  2. To develop open source culture with next generations.
  3. Help produce official documentation, share the solution to a problem, or check, proof and test other documents for accuracy.
  4. Our mission to make Ubuntu as easily accessible to everyone as possible.
  5. Help design graphics, backgrounds or themes for the next release.
  6. Working with bug reports to ensure they’re clear, complete and if possible, easy to reproduce.


  1. Familiar to use with Ubuntu.
  2. Working environment with Ubuntu related.
  3. Help to other questions about Ubuntu with online or offline.
  4. Ubuntu Code of Conduct sign required.
  5. Need Launchpad account for Ubuntu community development.
  6. Need own wiki at Ubuntu official wiki website.
  7. Need GPG key host on Launchpad for app development.


Event Contribute


  1. At least 50% participation of local event.
  2. Help to local people ( city , state, division) about Ubuntu .
  3. Contribute about Ubuntu at local school or University.



  1. Event History

Share your event story about Ubuntu  for local and international friends.

  1. Online share

Your online knowledge share to friends about open source and Ubuntu.

  1. Contribute

Book, Ask, Localization, Guide, Advocacy, Marketing, Art, Wallpaper, etc

Any contribution welcome.


  1. Development

Any development if you have for Ubuntu.

Any idea welcome.


Let Start Rock !!!

  • Launchpad Account
  • SSH Key
  • GPG Key
  • Code of Conduct
  • Your Own Wiki (Ubuntu-MM Core Member Application Form)
  • Attend to Meeting

Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team