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Ubuntu-MM Member Application Form

ubuntu-mm member and subscriber form is open now. Ubuntu-MM Subscriber is FREE for ALL Ubuntu-MM Subscriber Free Email Subscription Ubuntu-MM Brown Member Member Card 12000 Kyat Per Year Ubuntu-MM Gold Member Gold Member Card DVD + Sticker Door to Door Delivery 20000 Kyat Per Year Ubuntu-MM Diamond Member Diamond Member Card DVD + Sticker Ubuntu-MM […]

FOSS Myanmar – Linux Resource Center

Linux Resource Center – available ISO. coming soon Door to Door Delivery Services. 3.9G CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-DVD.iso 3.7G debian-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso 4.4G debian-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso 4.4G debian-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-3.iso 3.8G debian-7.8.0-i386-amd64-source-DVD-1.iso 3.8G debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso 4.4G debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-2.iso 4.4G debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-3.iso 3.9G debian-update-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso 2.7G debian-update-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-2.iso 3.9G debian-update-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso 2.6G debian-update-7.8.0-i386-DVD-2.iso 694M elementaryos-stable-amd64.20130810.iso 662M elementaryos-stable-i386.20130810.iso 1.4G Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64-21-5.iso 2.0G Fedora-Server-DVD-x86_64-21.iso 1.4G linuxmint-17.1-cinnamon-32bit.iso 1.5G linuxmint-17.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso 1.4G linuxmint-17.1-mate-32bit.iso 1.6G linuxmint-17.1-mate-64bit.iso 1.6G linuxmint-17.1-mate-oem-64bit.iso […]

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