Department of Meteorology and Hydrology – Ubuntu Class


At the 2nd week of May 2015, Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team has been invited by the Ministry of Transportation, Department of Meteorology and Hydrology to provide a lecture about Ubuntu. Four members of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, Ko Ko Ye’, Chit Ko Ko Win, Nay Myo Hlaing @ Ethan Kurt and Tho Hi had been provided two days training as per their request.

They were amazed when participants introduced their education background, because 75% of participants are Ph.D and they got Ubuntu training from Japan as well. They found some participants are still using Ubuntu 08.04 because they believed that the mapping application they are using is running only with that version. Members didn’t lecture only the usage of Ubuntu, they let themselves upgrade their laptop to 14.04 and fixed the applications also.

Photo Note